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From the time of post-Soviet ruins and to 2018 year: the Plant of Steel Profiles ramps up

The informational-and-analytical portal "Golden Gates"

As for the Ukrainian industry, there are many stereotypes, including the view of its exclusively raw material orientation. This established opinion involuntarily harms all Ukrainian manufacturers, including those that fabricate ready-for-use products with high added value. When speak about Ukrainian metallurgy, which possesses a long history, we often hear that the metallurgy is almost ruined, and only iron ore or rolled products are exported, but never ready-for-use products. Nevertheless, it is very important to know and understand that in Ukraine there are enterprises that have preserved and enhanced production in difficult times, and increased sales volumes of ready-for-use products. We, the journalists of the you-tube channel "Selector Channel" and the informational-and-analytical portal visited one of such factories.

Namely, we speak about the Plant of Steel Profiles (PSP LLC), which is situated in the industrial city Dnepropetrovsk. In 2018 the enterprise was recognized as "The Enterprise of the Year" and received the award "Customers' choice in 2018 year".

Today, the Plant of Steel Profiles LLC is a new and perspective company, which sells own products to enterprises of oil-and-gas, chemical, power production, machinery building, construction, agricultural, public utility and other industries, providing high quality of products and rendered services through introduction of best technologies.

It shall be noted that currently the enterprise is the only one Ukrainian factory having technical capability to produce pipes of large diameters (L = 10.0-12.0 m) without circumferential seams, and according to domestic standards GOST, UkrSEPRO, and international standards in the system of quality assurance, labor protection and ecological management.

ТPipe production process lines are being continuously enhanced and modernized; product assortment is being widened to meet market demand for high quality products. High-level technologies and specialists, i.e. former specialists of PJSC Khartsyzk Pipe Plant (Ukraine), a standard-bearer in large diameter pipe production in CIS, are involved in the production.

The enterprise has own testing center to carry out a full spectrum of tests required by GOST.

As speaks Director of the enterprise, Mitusov Sergey Ivanovich: “Our enterprise is not just a limited liability company, but the company, which implements own philosophy and forms certain corporative culture, while producing pipes. Many people think today that the most important thing in a business is gaining profit. Of course, it is important, but for us, besides gaining profit, there are other important indexes that shall not be forgotten.

A man is the most important social value for the Plant of Steel Profiles LLC. Labor conditions, a level of social guarantees are very important for our company. "In our industry nowadays, it is very difficult to find employees enjoying their work an understanding their personal responsibility. We are sure, that this is the sad consequence of the fact that many employers absolutely do not care about needs of own personnel, and, the people do not feel any feedback from the management. Therefore, our task is to achieve the state, when our workers not only fulfill their obligations, but feel pleasure and desire to enhance themselves".

It is not a secret that success of a company is achieved by the entire "team". As it is clear from Director's words, at the Plant of Steel Profiles LLC each employee shall understand himself/ herself as a member of the "team". They shall be taught to understand this.

Building a cohesive team and creating the comfortable labor conditions are advantages possessed by not every enterprise, currently. This modern approach to company activities is the approach expressed in well coordinated team work, and it is seen from the very beginning, when familiarizing with the enterprise. We describe Company's products and advantages in details, in the next article.